Imperfect Fiction

Note for George

Note for George

                              (Sound of drawers being opened and closed)

12:25:27                “You, you wanted to cook squab?”

                               (Sound of rustling bags, jars being opened)

12:25:29                “Huh, what?”

12:25:33                “You wanted to cook squab?”

12:25:35                “Uncle Chris.”

                               (Sound of chewing followed by silence)

12:25:46-59         “Oh, okay…Sounds good.”

12:26:26               “Are you the one who wants to cook the squab?”

12:26:30               “That’s Uncle Chris.”

12:26:31                “Uncle Chris, Oh.”

12:26:46               “Today Sunday?”

12:26:47               “Friday.”

12:26:48-56        “Friday...So Mom left this morning, right?”

12:26:57              “Yeah.”

12:27:18               “Okay, and Uncle Chris is coming this afternoon?”

12:27:19               “Uh-huh.”

12:27:20              “And he’s going to barbeque chicken for dinner?”

12:27:22               “Yes.”

12:27:23               “Okay.”

                              (Sound of chewing and drinking)

12:27:33               “And when is Uncle Chris coming?”

12:27:34              “Today.”

12:27:34-49       “Today...Oh, okay. Today is Friday, says he’ll be here about 2:30…Alright. Okay, now I’m getting up-to-date?”


12:27:58              “Oh, so Mom left today?”

12:28:00             “Yes.”

12:28:02             “And she’ll, and she’ll be back on Wednesday, right?”

12:28:03             “Yes.”

12:28:12              “That doesn’t give her much time down there.”

12:28:14              “It’s Friday?

12:28:15              “Huh?”

12:28:16              “Today’s Friday.”

12:28:17              “Yeah.”

12:28:19              “Friday to Wednesday, that’s not bad.”

12:28:24             “Friday to Wednesday, yeah.”


12:28:35             “And Uncle Chris is coming?”

12:28:36             “Uh-huh.”

12:28:40            “And he’s going to barbeque chicken?”

12:28:42            “Uh-huh.”


12:28:47            “I don’t know if I can eat that other half of sandwich.”

12:28:48-54     “You don’t have to. I’ll save it...I’ll wrap it up.”


12:29:58            “Is today Friday?”

12:29:59            “Yes.”

12:29:01            “So Mom left this morning?”

12:29:01            “Yes.”

12:29:02           “Okay.”

12:29:09           “And Uncle Chris wants to cook squab?”

12:29:10            “Yes.”

12:29:15            “I wonder where he’ll find squab…”

12:29:17            “I don’t know.”


12:29:27           “If you want that half of sandwich, go ahead.”

12:29:28           “I’m going to wrap it up. I’ll put it in the fridge.”

12:29:29           “Alright.”

12:29:36           “Are you full?”

12:29:36           “Huh?”

12:29:37           “Are you full?”

12:29:41            “Yeah, I’ve had enough to eat.”

12:29:41            “Okay.”

12:29:44           “I might find a cookie. I don’t know?

12:29:45           “I’ll get some.”

12:29:50           “Oh-oh!”

12:29:51            “Yes.”

12:29:53           “Oh-oh!”

                          (Sound of cookie tins being opened, wrappers crinkling)

12:30:19           “Well, thank you, Chris.”

12:30:21           “Yeah, no problem.”

                         (Sound of rustling and cabinets being opening)

12:30:31           “You have a cookie?”

12:30:32          “Yes.”

12:30:33          “They’re good!”

12:30:35          “They are good.”


12:30:49         “Are you the one who wants to cook the squab?”

12:30:50         “Uncle Chris.”

12:30:52         “Oh Uncle Chris, yeah, I forget.”

                         (Sound of chewing)

12:31:18            “Now I’m, ah, still a mixed up, ah…”

12:31:19-24     “Yeah…What?”

12:31:26           “Uncle Chris is coming?”

12:31:29           “Yeah, today.”

12:31:29           “Huh?”

12:31:30           “Today.”

12:31:31            “Yeah, Sunday?”

12:31:32-41      “It’s Friday…See, Uncle Chris is coming Friday, today.”

12:31:43           “Oh, Uncle Chris is coming today.”

12:31:44           “Yes,”

12:31:46           “Oh, I see. Okay.”

12:31:47-57     “And then Uncle Chris will be here until Sunday…And then I am going to come on Sunday and I’ll be here until Wednesday.”

12:32:00          “Oh? That’s great, that’s great.”

                          (Sound of drinking)

12:32:19            “And Uncle Chris is going to barbeque chicken, right?”

12:32:20           “Yes.”

12:32:28           “Is today Friday?

12:32:31            “Today is Friday, yes.”

12:32:33           “So, he is coming this afternoon?”

12:32:33           “Uh-huh.”

12:32:40          “And then he stays here tonight?”

12:32:41           “Uh-huh.”


12:33:11            “I can’t remember when I have ever had squab.”

12:33:12-18      “I don’t, I have never heard of squab…Have you?”

12:33:21-46     “Well, I’m sure I know I have heard, heard the name…It’s some kind of fish, you know…Huh…What did we say? Today was Sunday?”

12:33:46          “Friday.”

12:33:47-53    “Today is Friday…And when is Uncle Chris going to barbeque the chicken?

12:33:54          “Tonight.”

12:33:56          “Tonight?”

12:33:57          “Yah-huh.”

12:34:03-06   “Oh...Oh. Okay, so then he’s going to stay?”

12:34:07          “Right.”

12:34:07-12     “Okay, I’m starting to get it now…I assume we have the chicken?”

12:34:13           “Yeah, it’s in the fridge.


12:34:14           “Okay.”



12:34:29          “I don’t think I’ve had squab.”


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