Imperfect Fiction

Job Search

Job Search

Douglas Macdonald

was tired of waiting in line for the red light to turn

tired of searching for a job tired of waiting in line for

an interview at Monster, Inc. I was tired of arriving on time

for an interview and making sure my cell phone was off

dressing like I cared making a firm handshake

maintaining eye contact. They didn’t hire me weren’t

going to hire me because

I was too transparent. Or maybe my eye contact was too constant

 I always sent a thank-you note for the interview--

never heard back.

 I decided finally there was nothing wrong with

Waiting. Waiting was a good thing because when

You were waiting you were waiting for something

It gave you a life a strategy a goal.  I tried to find the longest lines

like at the most popular movie Saturday afternoon at 5 pm

My finest day was Black Friday I could get in line the night before—

baseball playoff games had some fantastic lines when I got to

the front I didn’t buy anything because once that ruined my

whole thing my life no longer had a purpose and I could just go

back to the end of the line but people would see me and think I was a freak.

I found some great lines to wait in I had some real life experiences

going from one line to another talking to people making friends

being at the end of a huge line made my day.

Good or Dead

Good or Dead